Therapy Services

If you are looking at this site chances are you thinking about contacting a therapist. The decision to enter therapy is a difficult one. Most people feel they have few choices left before they decide to open their private world to a stranger. I am a psychotherapist with eleven years of experience and training. Using my skills I can help you overcome those natural feelings of discomfort allowing you to discuss your areas of concern. I provide an objective and non-judgmental atmosphere which allows the exploration of an issue or issues in a detailed manner facilitating resolution or change. Lets face it, not all of life’s issues can be resolved or changed, in these instances I can help you develop coping skills, gain insight and gain new coping skills to reduce the distress you are experiencing.


  • -anxiety
  • -women’s issues
  • -infertility
  • -self-esteem issues
  • -depression or mood swings
  • -stress or anxiety
  • -loneliness
  • -excessive anger, frustration or guilt
  • -communication problems
  • -constant worries or obsessions
  • -relationship concerns
  • -school problems or job concerns
  • -life event changes
    • -post partum adjustment
    • -marriage
    • -divorce
    • -parenthood
    • -parenting issues
    • -step family issues
    • -retirement
    • -empty nest
    • -infertility
  • -issues of sexuality or sexual identity

Feel free to explore the specific areas I have highlighted to get a better understanding of my philosophy and approach.